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Default Bug truncating Canopus HQ 23.976FPS imports into Premiere CS3.2

Canopus HQ seems like a great cheap alternative to Cineform to enable editing of AVCHD materiel in Adobe Premiere CS3.2 . But there appears to be a bug in Procoder 3.05.60 's transcoding of AVCHD .MTS files to Canopus HQ 1920X1080 shot at 23.976 frame rates. The AVCHD was shot on a Cannon HF100. According to the review, the 23.976 frame rate is ideal for these top rated camcorders because you get the best low light performance. When I import the standard quality Canon HQ files into Premiere CS3.2 some of the larger files get their duration truncated. I set index filter to Avi1/Avi2 compatible.

A sample .mts file and the bad converted file can be downloaded here:

With a PC you can click on the link to open it in Internet Explorer. Then right click the .m2ts file and choose save as. Alternatively, click menu, view, open in Windows Explorer. Then drag the .M2TS file to your hard drive. See if you can convert with procoder to canoupus hq 23.976 fps and import it into premiere without it being truncated from 7 min 32 seconds.

In this case I used the inverse telecine filter but the same problem occurs without using it. Windows Media player or MediaInfo or Premiere if the file is converted at 29.976 FPS see the avi file as 7min 32 seconds long. But when converted at 23.976 only Premiere sees the avi file a 43 seconds long.

If Canopus HQ would be a great solution for the problem of editing AVCHD in Premiere.

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