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Default Edius NX/PC3 & Vista

Yes I know there are no drivers, nor support for Vista - however I'll still ask the question :)

I have tested Edius 4.5 (Trial), PC Express under Vista (64 bit) and it works good for everything and more than I need it to do. Very stable

I know people are running 4.5 for HDV (via Firewire) OK

Is anyone running Edius NX with the component card "successfully" on Vista (32 or 64 bit) ? All I need for it to do is output component video off the timeline in real time to an HD monitor for client previews. I'm not capturing component. Data will be coming from sXs cards (Sony EX1) convereted to MXF --> Edius --> Procoder Express. Since i'm not using tape - it is very important for me to have the ability to play out from the computer (preferably off Edius timeline) to an HD monitor/tv

Also anyone sucessfully using Procoder 3 with Vista (32 or 64 bit). I know new drivers are in the makes for the next release. PC Express seems to work perfectly fine (even though I read somewhere that it will not run on Vista)

I saw a few posts where people appear to be running Edius 4.5 ok with Vista, but only one claimed ok function with NX I didn't find any comments on PC3.

Thanks in advance
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