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Default ADVC110 Unlocked Audio Issues with Adobe Premiere Pro

Receiving 'Unknown Recording Error' when trying to capture video game footage with my Canopus ADVC110. This always happens at about 28 minutes. If I set the dip-switch to 'locked' audio, I don't have this issue, but the audio is staticy. Anyone know of any fixes? I'm using Premiere Pro CC with Windows 8.1. Thanks to everyone who tries to help!
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At 28 minutes always. Is that running into a file size limitation issue?
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4GB would be <= 21.8 minutes, so not sure if it's a filesize issue.

Sounds like there's a constant clock drift somewhere and at 28 minutes it might be pushing into the next frame.

What audio rate are you using? You should use 48 KHz in most cases.
Can you upload a sample of the captured audio both with Locked Audio and without?
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