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Default Loading Images Into 3D Objects

How can I load new images into 3D Objects Props? ie. golf ball

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to change texture backgrounds double click the efx, then textures, advanced, and then you will see the choices.
For different objects or modified textures on existing ones you can use LightWave or 3DS to create them, and then use an application provided at the Canopus site under product support, to configure them for use in Xplode.
LW doesn't load existing Xplode objects, don't know about 3DS.

> Xplode Lightwave 5.6 Compiler Released: 11/22/2005
Lightwave 5.6 object compiler for use with Xplode.

> 3DS Compiler for Xplode Released: 11/22/2005
3D Studio compiler for Xplode

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Using the old "compiler" to make a 3d object usable in Xplode is a losing battle. It will leave you at best frustrated.
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