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Default EDIUS 6.5

Hi All

Just reading some of the available info on the upcoming 6.5 release. In the FAQ it notes :

EDIUS 6.5 supports the following hardware:


Is it possible to confirm (or deny) that GVG intend to discontinue support for 3rd party I/O devices such as those previously supported eg the BlackMagic Design Intensity cards.

Would love to believe that 3rd party I/O support would be further expanded and integrated as is the current norm for the mainstream NLE's (from the three A's) rather than be discontinued as appears might be the case.

Please, say it ain't so.

Additionally, is it possible for you to elaborate on support plans for older proprietary GVG hardware, specifically the RX-E1/HDBX1000? I understand from the above that it will also not be supported in 6.5 but am wondering if that is a 6.5 only issue and whether support may be re-instituted in a later point release eg 6.5.x

Thanks guys, just trying to work out our best upgrade and/or hardware and software migration math.

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We have input only from Blackmagic as before. Never had out.

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Default Backward compatability of 6.5 with previous projects

3D is not a requirement for me but marketing wise it has to be there, if the competition has it so does GV have to have it. My storm 3G has attached a 3D capable 50 inch Plasma with 3D glasses so I know it works in side by side mode direct off the Edius timeline in 3D, its just my particular clients don't need it, but my own requirents alone do not say that generally it isn't needed. My main output is on SD DVD and YouTube or online where 3D is inappropriate for 2D screens and portable office projectors. Although my aquisition is in HD, which is now supported on line nowadays, SD DVD's look better with HD source material above SD aquisition. I am pleased to hear that the bigger production houses are now looking at Edius for its 3D facilities.

Its about time some of the big production houses realised how easy it is to use, and with 4K compatability for the cinema productions it has to gain traction in this area. (For example of ease of use, work experience students pick it up in about an hour with no reference to a manual, having never seen Edius before, so it must be intuitive and easy to use - either that or I am a good teacher - but in retrospect I don't have to tell them much, excepting good editing practice). How many keys to make the most common operation in editing, the cut - in other editing software - in Edius its one key press.

Now to the very practical issues facing me (excluding costs in total) in going from 6.07 to 6.5;-

1. I have 3 off RX-E1 systems with the expensive HDBX1000 IO box there is about 15,000 investment in hardware there and I can't see it's mentioned as compatible to 6.5. Yes SP NX is. Computer and software spec rules: if it isn't stated it does it, then it doesn't - unless someone knows otherwise. Luckily one more system is Storm 3G Elite which will work, but I cannot have different incompatible versions of Edius in the same facility. We have already had one dose of this plugin upgrade from 5 to 6 and it took Boris RED 6 months to produce a plugin for 6. There is almost an argument for making these plugins .aex format (After Effects) then they don't need to keep changing.

2. Let's look at updating a project for a client. Get out the backup hard disk. It's all very well dropping TMP but what was the title? What did it say? Edius 6.5 doesn't know what it was so how can I change/replace it?

3. The same applies for 3rd party plugins which no longer work. The clips that had them might show up negative or chequerboard but what were they? What was the dummy plugin before it became a dummy one? Edius is bad at telling you that information. How many are there in a sequence? Yes I can go to the project DVD but I don't expect to be able to remember how I created every effect I ever put on in every project.

4. Customers who have bought Edius 6 will have exactly the same issues if they need to update previous projects for their clients.

5. I have had to set up a demo partition on the system drive to be able to demonstrate the latest version, whilst not interupting production workflow.

There is the practical view from the coal face.
Sys 4: ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS with 2x E5-2699 CPU 72 logical cores. Edius 8WG. 64G RAM Nv GTX980 Ti 49" LG 850 4K TV + Storm 3G Elite + Decklink 4K 12G extreme. Sys 1-3 Edius WG8 with RX-E1 + HDBX1000 MIP in HP xw8600 dual X5492 CPU 8 cores, 8Gig RAM, Quadro FX3800. All sys Fibred to central media pool - 5TB Axus Yotta RAID + QLogic Fibre Switch. Central VCR rack plus YUV & audio to viewing room with Yamaha AX1 7.1 100 watt per channel amp with 1000W subwoofer and 63 inch HD 3D Samsung TV
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