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Default ADVC-500 vs ADVC-300

For digitizing and editing SD video, I want to use one of the latest versions of x64 NLEs (I'm still undecided with the editor, maybe it will EDIUS 6) running x64 Windows7, on my PC (i7-950/6Gb/GTX-460 2Gb) . This choice of hardware and software due to the necessity of processing and also HD video.
To play a VHS-SVHS I have Panasonic AG-8700 (full frame TBC, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), Component Output Terminals, Advances three-line logical comb filter, Digital decoder for Y / C separation circuitry, XLR audio output), for play Video8-Hi8 - Sony EV-S9000E (TBC, S-video out).
In Russia, the Canopus ADVC-300 is very expensive and I found on eBay for a good price offer for Canopus ADVC-500. In this regard, I have a few questions:

1. When I digitize old videos will be whether the quality of ADVC-500 is equally with ADVC-300 (if I use full frame TBC on my VCR), or the quality of the digitization of old records using LTBC and DNR have ADVC-300 will be higher.

2. Do ADVC-500 have LTBC similar ADVC-300.

3. Can I register on GRASS Valley site secondhand ADVC-500 to download tools and software for this device.

4. Will the ADVC-500 to work correctly with modern x64 NLEs.

Please help me with the choice! Can I save and use the ADVC-500 for its purposes, or should I save up money and buy the ADVC-300 !!!!!
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1. The VCR's full-frame TBC should be better than ADVC300's. The only advantage the ADVC300 might have is the noise reduction, but a lot of that can be done in the digital realm.

2. No.

3. Yes. If the seller has already registered the unit, please have them contact Grass Valley Support to notify us that they have sold the unit to you.

4. It appears like a standard DV camcorder/deck.
Since you are using Windows 7, you will probably need to change the 1394 interface driver to the Legacy driver manually in Device Manager. The default 1394 driver does not work well with DV devices.
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Check PM, please.
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