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Default EDIUS v5.50 Update Now Available

The latest update for EDIUS NLE software, version 5.50, is now available as a free download from

This update contains bug fixes, and is an official localized version.

To download this update, follow this link to log into the Web site and view your list of Desktop Product-related downloads. From there, you should see 'EDIUS v5' from the list (requires registration for it to appear). Choose this product.

Scroll down to the 'Updates' section and the v5.50 update will be there.

Note: This package can only upgrade an existing system. That is, you will need to have installed EDIUS v5.1x software. If you are installing on a fresh system, you will need to first install from your original CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, apply the v5.10 update and then apply this update. You will also need to have your security dongle inserted.

Important Note: This update provides Windows 7 compatibility. Users will need to refer to this guide for directions on how to install EDIUS v5 on Windows 7 systems.

Supported Hardware:
  • IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
  • ADVC1394, ACEDVio
  • EDIUS NX Series
  • EDIUS SP Series
  • EDIUS RX-E1 (SDI-based hardware)
  • EDIUS Turnkey Systems
  • HDSTORM Series
  • HDSPARK Series
New features added in this version (from v5.12)
  • Support to run on Windows 7 (32/64bit). Note: You cannot upgrade your PC to Windows 7 if your editing machine is connected to an EDIUS Workgroup Server (EWGS) SAN system. If the machine is upgraded, your machine won't be able to connect to the SAN, because the EWGS only supports Windows XP-based machines as editing clients. Also, if your machine is a Grass Valley EDIUS turnkey, you cannot upgrade the current OS (Windows XP) to Windows 7, as this will void the warranty
  • AVCHD native editing. EDIUS 5.50 has a new AVCHD engine. By this, you can place an AVCHD clip onto the timeline without the need for conversion to HQ for real-time editing. No optional hardware/software required to get this function. Note: Real-time editing performance will depend on CPU performance. A general performance guide is as follows:
    • Intel Core i7: provides real-time editing with three 1920x1080 streams
    • Intel Core2 Quad: provides real-time editing with one 1920x1080 stream
    • Intel Core2 Duo: provides real-time editing with one 1440x1080 stream
  • Added support for color space of CANON EOS Movie files
Issues fixed in this version (from v5.12)
  • Fixed issue with drastically changing color when loading certain QuickTime movie (H.264) files
  • Fixed issue with lip-sync alignment when converting certain clips that had the frame rate changed
  • Fixed issue with error (access violation) when performing certain operations on Player window
  • Fixed issue with evaluating certain color space when using vectorscope / waveform
  • Fixed issue with region filter where the rendering got cancelled in areas where the filter is not applied
  • Fixed issue with timeline operation when clicking the monitor window while changing the border color in 2D transitions
  • Fixed issue with stopping MPEG conversion while batch exporting
  • Fixed issue with bitrate being set to 0.0 Mbps under certain conditions when using Disc Burner
  • Fixed issue with writing data to BD-R when using Disc Burner with Pioneer BDR-S05
  • Fixed issue with sync alignment of video and audio in certain files imported with K2 Connect
  • Fixed issue with loading certain GXF files with K2 Connect
  • Fixed issue with placing certain files on the timeline when loading MXF files with K2 Connect
  • Fixed issue with access violation when updating overlay
  • Fixed issue with the display settings of the timecode being ignored when outputting MXF files via XRE
Click here to view the readme for EDIUS v5.50.
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