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Default EDIUS v5.10 Update Now Available

The latest update for EDIUS NLE software, version 5.10, is now available as a free download from

This update contains bug fixes, and is an official localized version

To download this update, log into the Web site and choose Product-related Downloads. From there, you should see either 'EDIUS v5' from the list. Choose this product.

Scroll down to the 'Updates' section and the v5.10 update will be there.

This package can only upgrade an existing system. That is, you will need to have installed EDIUS v5.00 software. If you are installing on a fresh system, you will need to first install from your original CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and then apply this update. You will also need to have your security dongle inserted.

Note: It is highly recommended that you also download and install the 3D Picture-in-Picture hotfix, after applying this update. You will find this hotfix on the same page as the 5.10 update.

Important Note: Due to its size, this release is a multi-part download. You will need to ensure that all eight parts of this update package have been downloaded before installing. Download, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part02.rar, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part03.rar, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part04.rar, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part05.rar, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part06.rar, EDIUS5UPD_v510.part07.rar, and EDIUS5UPD_v510.part08.rar to your local hard disk drive, and follow the instructions carefully listed on the download page.

New features added in this version (from v5.01)
  • Added export options and support for FIRECODER Blu hardware
  • Added support to import Final Cut Pro XML data
  • Added support for AVCHD 4GB split files
  • Added support for partial transfer of XDCAM/P2/GF/Infinity files (based on marked In/Out points)
  • Enhanced DVD Creator exporter to support creation of Blu-ray discs
  • Added audio normalize to RMS feature (adjusts audio level so the average level become to desired level)
  • Added shared profile management functions
  • Improved clip marker functions
  • Improved speed adjustment functions
  • Improved Bin window search
  • Improved multicam editing features
  • Improved fetching of original time code and/or reel name data when importing QuickTime files
  • Added MPEG Elementary Stream output settings
  • Added a function to set reel names while capturing
  • Added settings not to clip safe colors when using GPUfx transitions
  • Changed channel representation in the channel map setting window
Issues fixed in this version (from v5.01)
  • Fixed an issue where a crash may occur when working with the audio mixer
  • Fixed an issue where a crash may occur when working with sequence clips
  • Fixed an issue where a crash may occur when using the Old Movie filter
  • Fixed an issue where a crash may occur when working within the Player window
  • Fixed an issue where a crash may occur when using a Picture-in-Picture keyer
  • Fixed an issue that would cause clips to appear offline when loading a project
  • Fixed an issue with improper rendering of key frames used in the video layout tool
  • Fixed issues associated with selecting DV AVI as the rendering format
  • Fixed an issue with exporting some AAF files
  • Fixed an issue with application installation conflicting with the Windows Update service (resulted in incorrect serial number errors)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickTitler where some fonts would incorrectly be unavailable
  • Fixed issues with improper layout rendering of timelines
  • Fixed an issue where focus would be lost entirely, after deleting a clip timeline that held focus
  • Fixed an issue with rendering between In and Out point, which includes one part of a clip on the timeline
  • Fixed an issue with improper color handling for single color matte clips
  • Fixed an issue with improper color handling when outputting to QuickTime files
  • Improved accuracy to calculate frame positioning when importing QuickTime files
Click here to view the readme for EDIUS v5.10.
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