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Default Encoding Pegasus HD capture to SD

I have started to use a Pegasus card for capturing HD (component input) from a cable box as HD 1920x1080i/59.941i and then encoding to SD (standard DVD format) 720x480 with a 16:9 format using Procoder 3. I have yet to invest in a BluRay player that can play HD directly - maybe in the future. Hence the encoding to SD. I am in the US so it's NTSC.

Previously I have done captures of standard broadcast from the cable box using a Canopus AVDC-100 via S-Video. I have several questions when using the Pegasus in HD (1920x1080) and SD (720x480) modes.

1st question how to handle a telecined source (Looking at the captures in VirtualDub there are 3 progressive and 2 interlaced frames in sequence).

Previously I would use Avisynth and HC023 Encoder to do encodes prior to purchasing PC3. I would IVTC the capture and then decimate and encode with 3:2 pulldown. Is there a similar procedure that should be used in PC3. I noticed one can select 2-3 pulldown in the target options should this be used, or just use 29.97 fps and let PC3 handle it? Basically how to handle this in PC3.

If I understand correctly the AVDC-100 was BFF and the Pegasus is TFF.

Other captures are pure interlaced and I assume using 29.97 is correct in that case.

The second question is on color correction?

Also should a color correction filter of 709-601 be used when encoding to SD from an HD capture with the Pegasus. I guess I'm not sure what color matrix the Canopus HQ codec is using. If the target encode is H264 or Divx should a color correction be used. (basically the question is when if ever should a color correction be used on the Pegasus capture data?). From what I have read HD uses a different colormatrix than SD. I'm a newbie dealing with HD stuff (be gentle if questions appear to be dumb).

If the capture is a 720x480 source and captured with Pegasus as 720x480 should a color correction be used. It appears the same codec is used in all cases with the Pegasus.

I've looked through the PC3 manual, but have not be able to ferret out what is the appropriate procedure.

I have been impressed with the quality of the Pegasus captures especially when dealing with an HD source. I considered doing RAW captures with another product, but the need to use a RAID disk farm with that method I deemed to be too expensive and the encoding done by Pegasus appears to be more than adequate for my needs especially since the capture parameters can be adjusted to allow a higher quality capture if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help guidance/suggestions that you can supply.


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