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Liverpool TV
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Originally Posted by Ron Evans View Post
Tend to agree with your final conclusion Dave. When 9 came out the upgrade cost was more than buying Resolve Studio and an upgrade for Vegas. Which I did at the time. Since then Resolve has been upgraded for free several times and certainly at the moment if you really want to edit and deliver in UHD HDR as well as fully monitor what you are doing Resolve is about your only solution. In Canadian dollars the upgrade costs are still close to when I did my change. EDIUS 9WG from 8WG $592, Vegas 17 from 16 $199, Resolve Studio 16 full purchase $398.

I love EDIUS 8WG and it is still my main editor for multicam and I see no reason to change that. Don't like the way Resolve or Vegas do multicam. However when comparing resource used for UHD on my Threadripper PC EDIUS uses many times the resource ( CPU and GPU ) used by Resolve for somewhat less performance. ( admittedly I am on EDIUS 8WG not 9WG ). I will wait and see what EDIUS 10 brings of course.

Not sure this would work for your scaling issue but I have layouts named for different situations so that I can just load them when needed. I sometimes move my PC to a different ( cooler room in the summer ) and use a different smaller monitor and that is how I set up. You need to setup and save of course within each situation.
Yes Ron. When price is factored into the equation, the choice becomes really difficult just justify.

I didnít want to compare Edius to other applications but I supposed this is inevitable.

As youíve rightly pointed out, the cost of Resolve and Vegas are not only compelling but also, and unfortunately, put a lot of things into perspective with regard Edius. I do appreciate that both Resolve and Vegas, as well as any other video post software, will all have their issues and niggles. But the cost for accepting those issues would appear more bearable when compared to the cost of ownership for Edius.

Also the point you raised about performance is something that will only become more and more obvious. Iíve recently upgraded my GPU to a 2080 ti and have to say that I was expecting more performance than Iíve seen with E9. Iíve had a good look about other forums and it would appear that such GPUs leverage far more performance when using them for similar tasks. As youíve also pointed out, Edius would appear to be consuming resources that donít translate to performance when compared to what youíre seeing from Resolve and Vegas.

Iíd say that what youíre observing is also a similar result as to what may be the cause of the legacy issues, a dependency on an engine which may now be showing its age. I only suggest this because Iíve tested a few of the legacy issues Iíve known about in previous versions of Edius and they still remain in Edius 9 and Iíd assume that if Ediusí core had been updated, this should result in a cleaning up of legacy issues and also improvements with the hosts resources.

I do appreciate the addition of functions with each new iteration of Edius, some of which are seriously useful and good. But, for me personally, if legacy issues can still stop you in your tracks, itís debatable as to the benefit of new functions if they become entwined with the legacy issues.

Weíve all know and appreciated Ediusí ability to work very well without a GPU and itís ability to handle codecs. But I think itís very safe to say that those attributes no longer set Edius aside from the competition. Plus, given that most of those advantages worked better in 8 Bit projects, which is really what gave Edius its edge in the past. I think the late move to 10 Bit workflows, of which Iím still not sure is completely reflected across all the processing, and a very low utilisation of GPU, is maybe why the competition seem more compelling.

Like I said, I didnít want to make any comparisons to other software, but what youíve brought up simply canít be ignored. I suppose if Edius upgrades where in the same ballpark as those you mention with Vegas and Resolve, then certain issues may be a bit more liveable with. But we are now on version 9 and it still has a number of fundamental problems which have never been fixed and the asking price makes it one of the most expensive NLEs out there.

Letís hope Edius 10 has a complete overhaul of its core that sorts the legacy issues and that itís decode/render functions and FX processing are given the option to be offloaded to a GPU, preferably a choice maybe via OpenCL to either AMD or Nvidia. If these things donít happen, I feel that Ediusí appeal will only be to the likes of ourselves, people who will always love and use it because weíve been with it for a long time. But even with people like ourselves, it becomes even less likely of us upgrading if we are expected to continue with legacy issues and not able to utilise the kind of processing/GPU advantages that others get on other platforms.

Thanks for the suggestion of the setups, unfortunately this wonít work for me.

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Ron Evans
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Yes as I said I love EDIUS. However I think it has lost its competitive edge at the moment both for features and price. Full price for me in Canada would be $1470. Full price Vegas 17 $547 and of course Resolve Studio $398. Both Resolve and Vegas 17 use GPU for decode and encode and now Vegas 17 has similar colour controls to Resolve with in my mind the best audio editing.

I enjoy using all three of these as I have no real concern in switching between programs for the features I want. EDIUS will remain as my multicam editor for sure.

I think EDIUS will have to up its game as the industry moves to 8K as this will definitely need GPU assistance for all editing actions. Relying on Intel QS will not be enough.

My move to shooting in UHD was not to output UHD but just to give me more capability in creating DVD and Bluray. To crop, pan and zoom . With HDR giving me more range for exposure in the theatre. Other advantage was a good archive. I am looking at the same for 8K which may really allow me to shoot with one camera !! Maybe Sharp 8K if it comes out later this year.
Ron Evans

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ASUS PB328 monitor, BenQ BL2711U 4K preview monitor, EDIUS 9.5 WG, Vegas 17, Resolve Studio 16

Cameras: GH5S, GH5, FDR-AX100, FDR-AX53, DJI OSMO Pocket, Atomos Ninja V x 2
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