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Default Transform Transitions - Moving Light

Hello, I am trying to use the GPU 'Transform' transitions, specifically the 'Moving Light' group.

What I feel ought to be easily achieveable is that the transformation from A to B occurs in the middle of the flash of light's path, effectively hidden behind the light. What happens by default is that the clip changes from A to B first and then the moving light happens. This is not really a good effect.

By playing with the opacity keyframe controller I have managed to sort of achieve what I want to, but it's not really right, and I'm sure I must be missing something obvious.

I'm using Edius 9, with the following placed between two clips:
Transition: Moving Light from centre
Parameter - Target: Picture A
Picture: Backside - Video B
I've dragged the opacity keyframe to around midway.

This sort of does what I want it to, i.e. the picture changes from A to B 'behind' the light when the light is almost full screen.

Anyone use these transitions? Am I missing the point?

Thank you.
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