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Default ADVC1000 and HDV

Is it possible to take an SDI out from a camera,connect it to ADVC1000 SDI in and then through the firewire send the signal to an HDV deck and record at 1080i.If yes what does that mean for the picture quality?Thanks
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No, the ADVC-1000 is a SD-SDI->DV or DV->SD-SDI converter. This is NOT an HD product, and it will not up/downscale signals.

You would need the ADVC-HDM1, which is an HD-SDI->HDV or HDV->HD-SDI converter. It will convert HD-SDI 1280x720p to HDV 1280x720p and HD-SDI 1920x1080i to HDV 1440x1080i. There should be no discernible loss in picture quality--it's just using the HDV GOP compression and anamorphic pixel aspect ratio for 1080i. You'd be hard-pressed to see the difference.
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Note that if it's SD SDI, the ADVC-HDM1 won't take it. It needs to be fed HD-SDI.
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