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Default Rendering and rerendering....

I need to render the timeline in order for the clips to play back without dropping frames (clips with effects/color correction etc), yet every time I move clips or insert a new clip into the timeline, every clip becomes unrendered and I have to render again.
This does not happen on any other system I've used before and because I'm working in a newsroom environment having to render every single time is a pain in the a##.
Any solutions to this are welcome!

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Tell us your computer specs as well as what video format you are editing. Also, which effects exactly are you using?

First we need to see why you are needing to render so much. If we can sort that out then workarounds with nested sequences etc... will not be necessary.
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I can't imagine that if you are in a broadcast envoirnment you would rarely (if ever) need to render. As Tim asked, what is your acquisition format and what are your computer specs?
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