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Default Computer upgrade specs for editing question

Hi all,
Basically I'm running a quad core 2.5ghz pentium on a 6600 mother board with 4 gb ram and window 7 64bit .i'm storing and editing on 2tb hdd in raid 0
Editing on edius 5.51 well it's the last of the 5 series before it went to 6.xx
I also have and use firecoder blu which still works a treat
also a 22.3 inch BenQ
I also would like to upgrade the computer specs for editing with the Nikon d800(on back order) because of the 36mp sensor and huge files

As it's a 4 year old system obviously things have changed
what do people use for todays editing?
Any ideas on getting a high end or good spec desk top? What type of hard drive for storage a solid state for s programs?
A good siize and quality monitor.i know it can run into the many thousands of dollars but a budget of around 2.5k could get a great system.
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