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Default BM Intensity Pro 4k Installation

I am currently running ATEM switcher 6.3 on an ATEM 1/ME using a Decklink SDI 4k for capture. I purchased an Intensity Pro 4k to provide better options for output (I need HD for editing and SD for playout) - the supplied drivers for the Intensity card will begin to install but rollback halfway through. I downloaded ATEM switcher 6.4 which I assumed would contain DTV 10.3.7 (The version supplied with the Inensity Pro) attempted to install - and the same thing happened - rollback halfway through. I contacted BM support and they suggested I tweak my bios. I find it hard to believe that v6.3 installs without issue and v6.4 does not and it somehow has to with my bios.
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I'm pretty sure we had one doing this in the office yesterday and we had to re-install Windows to clear the problem, although we were trying to install 10.4 drivers not 10.3.7. It still did it even without the card installed in the system.
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