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Default Moving crop with static PiP

Hi all, using Edius V6.03

I have had a browse around various articles and forum threads but cant seem to find answer to my question.

I have a small piece of footage that I require to box highlight a certain area. This area moves as the point of interest moves.
Thats the easy part!
I then want this moving crop to stay static in a certain area over the top of the full video. I have been using the layout tool on a second layer, the mask tool also..
but can't seem to do what I want.

I hope I have made sense, and thanks for any help.
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Essentially you're working inverse of what layout does (static image, moving "viewport") - you want a static "viewport" and moving image.

One way would be to use Layouter to move the frame to compensate for any movement of the crop box. But that's tedious...
Another way would be to use Imaginate or another "Ken Burns effect" tool to do the crop (and zoom), then place that video in EDIUS for the overlay.
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Use Mask and Keyframes to track. When you want the tracking to stop just copy the same Keyframes (or hit the Add Key/Delete) to a second point. That means stay the same from here to here.
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