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Default ADVC300 Timecode overiding my Beta Deck Time Code

I'm using an ADVC300 with Permiere Pro CS3 and a Betacam Deck PMW-2800. The Beta is going into Premiere through the ADVC300 via the S-Video connector and the unbalanced audio connectors. In Premiere I am using the SERIAL CONTROL in device control options for deck control, SONY RS422, LTC, and with USE VTR INTERAL CUE checked. I have a proper RS232-RS422 adapter in place on the serial cable going to the deck. The deck is in remote. With the deck in STOP I see the timecode from the deck perfectly in the Premiere capture window....

...AS SOON AS I PLAY THE DECK, the time code in the capture window switches to the ADVC300's internal TC generator which is just rolling forward from 00:00:00:00 regardless of whether the deck is rolling or not. Seems like a free run timecode interally on the ADVC300. This false number then ends up in the IN and OUT of the capture window markers which then becomes useless because the deck won't cue up.

By the way. I had this all working SUCCESSFULLY about two months ago without issue but then my edit system had to be rebuilt and now it won't work. Very frustrating.

Please help.

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Somehow you have to tell Premiere to replace the incoming DV timecode with the RS-422 timecode. I'm not sure whether this can be (easily) done.

You'd be better off with an ADVC700 that supports RS-422 timecode translation to/from DV timecode.
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Default Fixed it!


Before the reinstallation of the NLE I had saved my prefs in a secure location. I copied and replaced the entire folder named "3.0" which was here:

C:\documents&settings\user\application data\adobe\premiere pro\3.0

...where "user" is whatever logon your user account is. Once I over wrote the new "3.0" folder with the old one everything went fine! Within the 3.0 folder is another folder called "Media I/O" and perhaps this is what really did the trick. I don't know but it's done! And I am happy! Make sure that you've allowed your windows browser window to see hidden files or you'll never see the folder called "Application Data".
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