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Default Stuttery DVD's

Using Procoder express from Edius.

The latest fix gets round exporting very distorted sound from anything other than DV projects thanks.

I delivered some disks to a client for approval and he said those glitches in the picture weren't there when you played it to me the other day.

Sure enough all the disks had a glitch at the same point in the film that was fine on the Edius timeline. The picture froze and the sound carried on. The old Samsung 709 player was ok but the cheaper modern player glitched in the same place every time.

Encoded at 7MBit 224KBit sound.

Found it was the LG 4166 DVD drives in the HPxw8200 causing the problem, changed for Pioneer 110 worked fine.

Since then replaced with Liton Drives. Now the Verbatim media is playing up will only take 6.5MBit time to change to Sony media which works at 7.5 OK. This general DVD media is a nightmare to match to manufacturers DVD burners its a pity there isn't a compatability list.

The default Procoder bit rate of 9.5MBit isn't going to play anywhere so I always wind it down.

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