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Default Editing on a low-end sys

Just trying to get an opinion on my Edius editing setup which sadly is a lowly 2-drive system at the moment some specs below.

On a 2-drive system is it better to save Edius 9.4 projects to the system drive rather than the lone video storage drive while keeping all the video and graphics on the storage drive. Had a crash yesterday working on Edius timeline with HD 59.64p project. Edius was behaving a little sluggish as well, while not that sluggish today. I have no control of network or security settings.

Just wondering if placing the project file on the system drive might be better in this small system setup with an i7-8700 3.7 ghz, 32gig ram, P1000 quadro with 4gig onboard. System drive is a Samsung class 40 80% free and the storage drive is 7200rpm 75% free.
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I wouldn't consider the 8700k a low end system just yet.
How full is the second drive. If it is over 50%, you will start to see a performance slow down. It won't be as apparent with an SSD, but it still will start to loose speed after 50%.
Since your storage drive is only using 25%, place the project folder on the storage drive.

How many clips are on the timeline when you are trying the 59.94p project. Is this an HD or UHD project?
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Windows 10 Pro up to v.1803 Tweaks for Edius Users

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Thanks, Jerry. I've got 75% free on the storage drive and 80% free on the system drive. I did not notice the "stickyness" in the Edius gui until recently so there may be a Windows or network issue affecting performance or maybe the Nvidia P1000 just doesn't have enough juice but since i'm doing only 1080 HD at this time I didn't think it would be an issue. Going to test on and off the network to if that is a performance drain. I'm using no VSTs, just FX bridge.

Any windows 10 tweaks would be good to know but as I noted I can't alter antivirus or updating settings due to overwrought security here.

Hopefully I can get through my current project without a ton of issues.
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I completely agree with Jerry. You can check his link in his signature for Win 10 tips for EDIUS.
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