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Default doing my own closed captioning?

The local fly fishing show I work on has been picked up by a network outdoor channel which is asking us to provide closed captioning on all new episodes. Has anyone ever produced their own closed captioning through the Edius (4.51C) software, or is it not possible to do? Thanks.
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Default CC

I added the ability to produce CC about 7 years ago because my government client had to have CC on any video released for the employees.

Translation to Microsoft Word is the most expensive and grueling part of the job, as is the placement of the captions on specific time codes (scripting). I usually out-source that part, but I bought an encoder that hooks up between the player and recorder. I usually use BetaSP decks. I have the CC script emailed to me and then use CC encoding software on my computer that triggers the encoder box. I then send the CC BetaSP master to the station for playback or sent to the duplication house.

Now, DVD CC is a little more complicated because sometimes the CC on line 21(that's on the blanking area on top of the pic) get's destroyed or overwritten. You may not have to worry about this.

Here's a site that has more info. They have some CC software that will do CC entirely in the NLE. Beware, if you use DVcam, some decks won't record line 21. This site has
alot of info on that subject. You might ask them if Edius would work with their NLE software.

Here's a guy that I use for translation and script encoding:

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