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Default TwinPact 100 16:9 output via firewire

I own 2 TwinPact 100's one for our church and one for personal use.
I use them mainly for streaming live video via uStream or other web services. I want to be able to stream video (SD - s-video input) out via firewire in a 16:9 format Not 4:3

Whenever I hook everything up, the s-video analog out of the TwinPact 100 is 16:9 But, the Firewire out is only 4:3.
  • My camera is set to 16:9
  • The analog (s-video) out of the TwinPact 100 to my montior is 16:9
  • Firewire out via the TwinPact 100 to Adobe Premiere or FCP is 4:3 only
  • Video capture via the TwinPact 100 is 4:3 only
  • I installed the TwinPact commander software and set it to 16:9 (no change still 4:3)

My guess is of course the TwinPact 100 won't output 16:9 video via its firewire port.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I thought that if I put a 16:9 signal in,,, that is what TwinPact 100 would output

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Analog->DV capture gets flagged as 4:3 DV.

The 16:9 setting affects only DV->Analog conversion.

So, the simple fix is to tell your editing software to treat the clip as a 16:9 clip.
The same thing happens when you shoot with an anamorphic 16:9 lens, rather than using the camera-native widescreen shooting, as the saved DV stream is flagged 4:3 although the image itself is squeezed.
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