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Originally Posted by trillium View Post
I recently used subtitle edit to create open caption files in Edius 9.4. Initially the program did not work correctly in NTSC but after contacting the author and describing the problem I was having in Edius he tweaked the program and I imported it as and FCP_xml as described by others on the forum here.

The program was first written for PAL and he had to tweak it for NTSC users. It took a little practice learning the interface but it's pretty easy- making the correct export setting for the project is key so play close attention to that. Don't wait to the last minute to learn the software. Create a couple of small practice projects and work with those to learn the software.

I believe creating a closed caption file is just a matter of selecting the correct type of file export type. I used an exported full res mp4 1080 from Edius for the source file but you can use lower res if needed.
Yes Jim, you are correct.

I was the one who helped point out the issues with Subtitle Edit that you then presented to the author. The new version works properly for NTSC subtitles now, but previous version could be used for the creation of an .scc file correctly. This could then be brought into Edius and paired with a video to produce closed captions.

As I mentioned, the subtitle process can be done in Edius using the titler if burned in subs are the desire. Using Subtitle Edit allows for creation of an importable subtitle xml + png files to create the subs in a burned in fashion, but also gives the option of making an .srt for soft subs and sidecar use, an .scc for NTSC closed captions production with Edius, as well as DVD subs and closed captions for Encore using Adobe's proprietary format, and all of this from a single source, so there are less chances of human error in the various versions.

Commercial options like Mac Caption can do this too, at a heafty price tag, but using Subtitle Edit is a free solution, and I'm sure most of us like the free price tag.
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