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Default Recommended project settings for DVCPRO 1080 24/30p and 720 240/30p?


Working with the new HPX2000 camera, and venturing into the 24/30p recording capabilities (both 1080 & 720 modes).

The camera can not currently record progressive native (pN) - although it should at the beginning of August with firmware (or you can with the FS100 v3). That being said, I believe when you record 24 or 30p, you're recording the stream with pulldown added.

What project settings do you recommend when editing/finishing a project in DVCPRO HD 24/30p (Edius SP 4.24), assuming that pulldown is already added to the file?

Is there a recommendation to remove pulldown before/after editing prior to putting it on the edit timeline, or exporting DVD? What is the recommendation for doing that (inverse telecine via Procoder 3)? I believe that other programs have 'remove pulldown' options, etc.

Just wanted to confirm the flow/recommendations. It seems like I'm getting significant 'stutter' on pans in 24/30p. I know that you have to respect pans and quick motion in these framerates - however, this seems more pronounced and annoying compared to what I'm seeing on TV programs (like American Chopper HD - which I believe is DVCPRO HD 30p). I just wanted to make sure I'm not somehow doing 'double pulldown' - if that's even possible. It doesn't look/feel quite right now - at least with motion involved. I've made sure that my shutter is 1/48 for 24p & 1/60 for 30p.

Thought I'd bounce this out there.

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