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Default jvc HDV 720/24p conversion


I'm a journalism student, and together with a fellow student and a camerawoman i made a big roadtrip trough Eastern Europe. The camerawoman filmed everything with her JVC camera ( ).

She loaded the tapes into her mac, and cut them into small chunks.

I got these files from her, it were like 3000 .mov files. When i tried to open them the first problem came. Quicktime didn't want to open the movies..

I found out i could buy a codec that could actualy play these files, so i bought a codec from callibrated xd, i payed 60 euro for it. This was my first stupid move, because i didn't try this codec in demo before i bought it. Quicktime did succesfully open the files, but my editing software did not.
When i tried to convert the files with QT and some QT based converters they all gave some strange error, 60 bucks and 2 days waiting for the codec lost..

I found out these .mov files actualy were mpg files, so after renaming them they played in windows media player without any problem.

I tried loading the files into my editing software (avid liquid). But liquid did not recognise the audio because it was in the sowt codec. then i found out i could transcode the audio with videolan mediaplayer to the mpg audio codec.

I transcoded one file, loaded it into liquid , and after a quick checkup i thought the files played fine after the audio transcoding. Only after transcoding the 3000 files (i tried writing a batch script, but it was a little buggy so i had to press the X button 3000 times), i imported my files into liquid, only to find out that the audio actualy was out of sync! (stupid me again, i should have checked it better).

I got the images 10 days ago, and i'm still not editing them because of all these stupid problems, time is ticking away, and i'm starting to get even more desperate then i already was :s

But tonight... i figured out i should look for a converter that can convert JVC HDV movies, and i think i have found the right converter here. But,.. I tried to convert some movies, only to find out i can't find a good setting that keeps the HD imagequality, does not enlarge the files too much, and keeps the audio in sync.

I'm totaly new to video (in school i had 4 lessons of video editing already), so the last 10 days i learned a lot about codecs, bulk renaming files, transcoding audio etc... still i have a few questions.

So, after a long story, my questions are:

Can Procoder handle my video's?
What codec should i use so i don't loose any quality?
what settings should i use?
can i batch process my videofiles without loosing the original filenames?

accoriding to the camerainformation the files are 720/24p HDV files , with a . mov extension. (it's strange because VLC and QT say it is 720/25p)
If i rename these files to .mpg they still play on vlc, so if procoder can't process .mov's i can rename them to mpg.

Liquid supports many codecs, but i don't know exactly what codecs it does or does not support. I found some info which i think contains a list of the codecs, but i'm not sure all the supported codecs are there. you can find the list following this url:

I could not find a similar list on the liquid forum or website.

I'm sorry for the long post, and i hope this software will do the trick for me.

Thanks in advance,

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You should have know problem with the JVC camera video and Liquid 7.

I suggest you post in this forum:

Just copy your complete post and post it at the Liquid forum. There are some very experienced people with the JVC and Liquid who will quickly tell you what you need to do.

I don't think Procoder is your solution.

Liquid edits JVC files natively. However, there are some tricks to know.

And you files may be in 25p, not 24p. The HD110U shoots 24p, but the Europe version of the camera shoots 25p. If the camera was bought in Europe, it's probably 25p, not 24p.
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