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Originally Posted by tryingtolearn View Post
why does it show frame blending as selected?
frame blending is the default setting of any video editing software in the world and it only kicks in when source frame rate does not match project setting or export setting

when you see it ticked and grayed out, it simply means no frame blending takes place and this is exactly what I and the whole world would want
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Originally Posted by LewS View Post
For the last time. Frame blending is not an issue if the source files and the project settings match...period. if you want to continue to show your complete lack of understanding, please proceed but don't expect much help. It is obvious you are in way over your head in this field. Maybe you should consider another line of work or get some professional training. Oh, and it is greyed out because it is not active and not an option because THERE IS NO FRAME BLENDING WHEN THE PROJECT SETTINGS AND VIDEO FILES HAVE THE SAME FRAME RATE!

In a previous post I asked for two things. A sample render file that shows the issue you are seeing and a screen shot of the last dialog box before rendering starts. Until you post those there is nothing more to discuss.

I would appreciate if you could answer the question without being insulting.
I don't think that's necessary.

As mentioned NO i am not using transitions.. I never use transitions as I don't like them.. they feel 80s to me
There is frame blending on the photos on the timeline when exported.
not on every single photo but on random ones.

If somebody could explain why this is happening without being insulting I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

As repeated multiple times and shown in my screenshots, the footage and timeline settings DO match. you can see this in screenshots I showed as well as the video I shared.

Bern thank you for your explanation of those other sections on export.
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You are wasting our time. Please read the post you quoted, especially the last paragraph.
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Originally Posted by tryingtolearn View Post
Bern thank you for your explanation of those other sections on export.
You're welcome.

Stills, such as bmp's, jpg, etc., have no associated frame rate like video, so they will adopt the rate of the project, and therefore will show no frame blending in the export if the export settings match the project frame rate.

You have been asked several times to post an example export so we can see what you are talking about. You can't judge frame blending based on the Edius viewer screens or the camera video of the screen you posed already. We are asking you to export from edius and post that file. It is the only way we can really see what you are talking about.
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