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Default Help...Will Canopus Storm run with Edius NX Card?

we've had a major malfunction of our computer hard drives over the past 2 days. There are 2 removable hard drives that were affected by whatever has happened. Something in the computer changed the actual hard drives from a basic to a dynamic and thus everything on the drives was lost. We had a computer repair person in yesterday and he was able to recover most of the data but never diagnosed the problem. I have just spoken to a friend who believes it could be the fast track card going bad that is causing the removable drives to malfunction. We're not sure whether it could be this or a virus that could cause this to happen to the drives.

In any case, we need to try and work with projects on the other hard drives while this computer gets taken care of. Here at the studio, we are running the old Canopus Storm card and Storm 2. I have the Edius NX card on my home computer. If I take the Storm discs and install it on my home computer, will I be able to run Storm using the new NX card? I know you can do the opposite of this and run Edius with a Storm card, but I'm curious to whether the NX card can support the old Storm software. We may just go ahead and try to install it and see what happens but I figured someone here might know the answer to this question.

Also, if anyone might have an answer to the how the hard drives are being mysteriously changed from basic to dynamic,that would be a great help. We are in a major dilemma as we are afraid to change drives in this machine, since this has happened to the last 2 drives when they were removed from the machine and put back in.

Thanks in advance.
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No... there is no way to run the StormEdit software with the NX board...

DVStorm must be installed...
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Sounds like some sort of auto rebiuld going there some sort of windows software raid setup that is trying to rebuild when the removeable discs are replaced.
Basic or Dynamic discs are normally set from windows disc management tool along with the creation of software raid volumes, check to see if this is the case........dont think the Fast Track would make these kind of disc assignments.

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