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Default Export

I have Edius Pro 6.5 and I need to render the video file to a file that will be recognized by the local theatre's video projector. Which format do I use in the Edius export. (Print to file) I have used: JPG2000MXF with no luck. I downloaded the "OpenDCP" program, but the program does not see the JPG2000 file.... Which file do I Export to so the OpenDCP will see the file. Or is there a export file in Edius that I can use to go direct to the video projector computer???
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Maybe you can check the faq for openDCP

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Personally I would check with the theatre/cinema and ask what they need delivery on - commercial cinemas usually want EXT2 or EXT3/4 formatted hard drives, but some also take NTFS - then you need to know the best delivery format such as: 2K scope, 2K Flat 2K HDTV or 2K Full, I guess you're not trying to deliver in 4K,

If your theatre has a simple projector, and has no need of a DCP, then ask what file formats they accept and go from there.

Paul :-)
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Default Export to JPG2000MXF

I found someone in town that can give me DCP file that will work in the local theater. As I need to do this only two time, 30sec each, I will watch him do this and pick up on how this is done. Thanks
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If it will not work, I could do this conversion for you, free of charge.
Have in mind to provide a proper 5.1 audio, most cinemas do not upmix Stereo to 5.1!
The consequence is that only left + right speaker will give out audio.
This limits audio reception in larger cinemas.

The JPEG2000 exporter in Edius can not export a DCI compatible format.
This is due to some limitations in resolution & the absence of proper color space conversion from YUV -> CIE XYZ.

My experience is that most free tools work, but these are not much handy & will take too much time in the workflow chain.

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Default Print 2 File: Question about Size

Hi there,

maybe Im right here with my question about size after export to file:

Ive got a project and put it out to mpeg with 3 project settings (see attached screenshot). I had the idea, that coming down from 1920 to 720, the file size of has to be a lot smaller than the 1920. But all files are nearly the same.

Incorrect assumption?

Thx for help on this mystery
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