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Default A call to help make Edius better – User Interface “bug collection” and wishlist

I am an avid Edius user and advocate since version 2 was released. Now, I would like to give back by doing my part and welcoming all of you to join in and make Edius 8 even better.

The idea is to help the programmers take note of what we editors really need. I am not craving new tools but smarter tools.

So after the big announcement of version 8, which promised many improvements, and future updates, I was a bit disappointed to see that on the surface not much has changed. Maybe it is because nobody – like me – took the time to write about what we need. And, maybe we all were hoping that “they” would magically know what we all really want and need.

So, I hope you will all collectively voice your bug UI fix-it wishlist needs. Please feel free to add to the list, but please do not make it too much of a wishlist of new tools, or it will dilute the idea of this thread. We first need to get rid of these bugs!

Here are the issues that come to my mind:

3-Way Color Correction tool: if clicking close to the slider knob but missing the knob, the knob overshoots the location where clicked. Instead, I need the knob to snap where I clicked.
Using the mouse wheel while hovering over the slider will move the knob and change the number value up or down – but it is not influencing the actual image, and is not recording the changed value when saved.
Selecting more than one clip in bin window using Shift-click or Ctrl-click produces unexpected results.
Setting markers during recording no longer show the proper time-code of the set marker, but instead just 0:00:00:00.
Disk-burn layout selection tool is not selecting as expected for multi-selections (Shift-click-hold-and-drag) or Ctrl-click will not work properly.
DVD or BD writing image location is not saved with project, but just defaults to the last location used.
I also consider this a bug... hitting the space bar should automatically change the window focus to the timeline window. In other words, if any window other than the timeline is selected and the space bar is hit (to start, or stop playback) -- the selected window (bin window, effects window, or whatever other windows) should get de-selected, and the selection should jump to the timeline “as default selection.” This way, one can start using the dedicated timeline keyboard shortcut keys to continue working – without having to search for the mouse to activate the timeline.
Changing playback speed should be applicable to a multi-clip-selection.
And finally, if I could just pick one thing on my wishlist it would be an additional button inside the 3-Way Color Correction tool that would give a head-start of overall neutral values for whites, grays, and blacks based on the overall values in the image -- say at 12%, 50%, and 88% IRE.

I am sure I missed some and am hoping you will add them to this list.

Thank you very much!
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Perhaps you missed this sticky post on feature requests
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