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Originally Posted by andymchereuk View Post
Sorry Dave. Did not mean to cause any upset.

I should of worded it better.

I understand what you are saying about lining up the waveforms. It`s just that resolve does it all for you automatically with no input from ones self.

Saves alot of time and tinkering.

Just hoped that edius may include it in some of their next updates.
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Maybe its me but I never see this as a problem. Sorting Takes from different camera etc into the correct bins and/or sequences takes the time.
Cameras have timecode synced so we are close to start off with. If we have a POV that has no locked TC, there will always be a sound to sync to.

I also only see the odd problem with the "back camera" and usually its a slight audio delay job, never 2-3 frames. Like a lot of pro theatre work video shoots, we are doing daytime close ups' track/jib shots and then live in the evening. Syncing audio is down the list of problems to overcome.

I don't do very much in Resolve other than play or look at footage on the Parade scope, (something Edius needs), although I have watched David Clarke's tutorial on editing with it. Didn't think editing with it was for me, on the basis that Edius meets my requirements and is stable.
12 cameras in Resolve - let us know how it goes....or not?
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Dave's suggestion of manual alignment is what I do. Ron also raises a good point of differences between audio from different cameras/positions.

No matter how good any auto alignment is, you will always have to double check anyway. Plus, as Ron was saying, matching waveforms doesn't necessarily mean you have lip sync.

If you manually align in Edius you get the benefit of using the native files and not an intermediate, unless you use something like an EDL. Plus, if you were going to have to do an auto-alignment session in Resolve, then create intermediates, then re-build it back in Edius. It's probably going to take a lot longer than manually doing it in Edius.

Here's a couple of screen grabs of what I do. I have a sequence where I manually align each take of a pop promo to the master audio, then pair/lock each clips' audio to a copy of the master audio. You can see the various offsets in each clip after the linking. I then transfer these synced clips to a new bin. I then match each of the corrected clips to the master audio in a new multitrack sequence and start the edit. Although this approach if for doing pop promos, it would work the same way for a multicam edit.
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