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Default high end pc with 6-core or onboard-graphics? (regarding Quick Sync)

Hi there,

Im from Germany and hope my English is sufficent to explain my concerns.
I work with DSLR pretty intensive and make video with a pretty high effort with these cameras. Now Im on the way to buy a pretty expensive pc for editing video with Edius but finally Im making live presentations with m.objects. So my plan is to look out for a quite compact pc as I have to curry it to the presentations as well.

I made very bad experiences with my last expensive notebook some years ago. As a lot of users of the professional application m.objects. I had horrible problems with the onboard-graphic and Nvidia-Optimus. Later professional researches found out that there is sometimes a problem by the synchronization between the graphic card and the onboard graphic. Using DSLR and making a pan for example or a pan in a photo caused jerky/stutter videos.

Now I prefer a processor with 6 cores like the 5930K or 5820K which dont support onboard-graphics as Im allergic for these Optimus-problems.
On the other hand I read in this forum that there is a function called Quick Sync what means that the onboard-graphic helps a lot by rendering and decoding.

So two questions:
- what do you recommend: a processor supporting onboard-graphic or a 6-core (as I prefer a lot)
- might it be possible to substitute the function Quick Sync using a second graphic card?

Thanks a lot in advance?
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