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Mr Sparkle
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Default 'On Topic' vs 'Off Topic'

Since there may appear to be some misunderstandings and confusion concerning what it deemed an "Off Topic" post, here are some pointers.

Firstly, make sure you have read the forum rules, posted here - particularly the 'Posting and Moderation' section.

The breakdown of forums and products is as follows:

Starting out with EDIUS Neo ( discuss use of EDIUS Neo)

Covering: EDIUS Neo software (all versions). Newcomer questions about EDIUS software in general, are also welcome here.

Editing with EDIUS ( discuss use of EDIUS)

Covering: EDIUS software (all versions), HDSPARK series, STORM 3G/Mobile series, HDSTORM series, HDTHUNDER, EDIUS NX series, EDIUS SP series, EDIUS SD/HDLE, EDIUS HD, EDIUS Turnkey Workstations, EDIUS Desktop Edit Stations.

EDIUS: Compatible Hardware and Accessories ( discuss hardware and hardware configurations that might be, or are used with EDIUS products)

EDIUS: Compatible Software Plug-ins ( discuss software applications and plug-ins that are used in conjunction with EDIUS products)

ADVC Products ( discuss use of ADVC products)

Covering: ADVC50, ADVC55, ADVC100, ADVC110, ADVC1394, ADVC300, ADVC500, ADVC700, ADVC1000, ADVC3000, ADVC-HD50, ADVC-HDM1, ADVC-HDSC1, and the ADVC G-Series. ACEDVio and TwinPact100 are also considered a part of the ADVC family. Remember that if your question is regarding ADVC1394/ACEDVio and editing with EDIUS, it might be better to post in the EDIUS forum.

ProCoder ( discuss use of retail versions of ProCoder)

Covering: ProCoder (v1.x), ProCoder 2.x, ProCoder 3.x, ProCoder Express (retail). If your question is regarding ProCoder Express for EDIUS, you might have better results posting in the EDIUS forum.

FIRECODER Blu & Pegasus ( discuss use of the FIRECODER Blu package and Pegasus HDMI capture board)

Covering: FIRECODER Blu hardware, FIRECODER WRITER software, Pegasus and HQRecorder software.

Working with K2 Dyno ( discuss use of the K2 Dyno Replay System, including K2 Dyno Production Assistant)

The General/Lounge Forum

This area has been set aside for users to discuss topics that are not related specifically to any of the Grass Valley forums provided. While discussions may be of a more personal nature, rules against religious, political and commercial sales discussions still apply.

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