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Default x264 command line equivalence in PC3

How can I replace theses two commands from x264 to get the same or better quality in PC3 ? (that should be the H264 maximum quality setting compatible with the Playstation 3)

"x264.exe" --pass 1 --bitrate 4281 --stats ".stats" --ref 1 --no-b-adapt --progress --keyint 300 --bframes 3 --qpmin 10 --qpmax 51 --no-psnr --filter 0,0 --subme 1 --direct auto --vbv-maxrate 14000 --me dia --no-ssim --level 4.1 --b-pyramid --analyse none --threads auto --thread-input --sar 133:100 --output NUL "movie.avs"

x264.exe --pass 2 --bitrate 4281 --stats ".stats" --progress --keyint 300 --bframes 3 --qpmin 10 --qpmax 51 --no-psnr --mixed-refs --trellis 1 --ref 3 --filter 0,0 --subme 6 --direct auto --vbv-maxrate 14000 --me dia --no-ssim --level 4.1 --weightb --b-pyramid --b-rdo --bime --analyse p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --8x8dct --threads auto --thread-input --sar 133:100 --output "movie.mp4" "movie.avs"
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