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Originally Posted by LTVHD View Post
Hi Jerry. I wouldn't worry about it. The cell loss is so insignificant that you are more likely to have replaced the drives before finding any issues. Any drive self remapping etc. won't be noticed either, even in raid. If anything, it makes for a safer raid 0.

The same concerns were there for first gen SSD, for swap files and page files etc. As it happens now, it is very much recommended to use a SSD for your page file. If you also think about servers that deal with huge amounts of requests for huge amounts of small files, and the writing and caching of them. This is were your concern may be justified. But this is also now the domain of SSD, due to the obvious speed, handling of small files and sheer I/O count for packets etc.

When you consider that video, even tiny clips, are huge in size. Don't really move much once on the drive. Are accessed nowhere near the the same frequency as other data types etc. etc. Then compare the real world issues of hard drives, heat, mechanical wear and tear, mechanical failure, fragmentation etc. etc. It is fairly safe to say that SSD is perfect for your active video drive.

I have done tests myself on a single SSD for video, and it was stupid fast. Whatever minor inconveniences there are with the inherent technology, they are far outweighed by the performance and stability.

I have even done the same by running the video project folder on the C drive with windows, Edius, and the temp and cache files. And it still run way better than two fast dedicated system and video hard drives. Although, I would not recommend this as a proper solution, as it is always easier for house keeping chores at least, to have your video data seperated.

The only place I have a problem using SSD, is in massive drive long term storage. And that is only because of the impossible costs associated with even 400 gig SSD, let alone a 4000 one.

I am sure I have seen a signature here on the forum from someone using a multiple SSD raid system, can't remember who it is, but it would be interesting to get their take on it.

Oh BTW. Like Jerry, I personally go for nvidia. It won't make a blind bit of difference for Edius. But can and will for certain GPU processes and adobe stuff. Although there is nothing wrong with Ati. Nvidia is a bit like Intel, it is trusted more as it is usually the platform for actual software development, and is not usually playing catch up.
Hi mate,
i run 8 Intel 520 480GB SSD drives in a Raid 5, I have then made a partition of 400 GB for OS ect, then with the rest of the space have divided it into 3 1tb raid 5 drives, I run this through a LSI 9266 Raid card with 8 internal ports, the card also has battery backup for cache, and LSI Fastpath software for SSD drives, I get read speeds between 2200mb sec to 2600mb sec and write speeds between 1900mb sec and 2200mb sec, I did a lot of experimenting with Noel the head tech from Adaptec here in Australia, I was using an Adaptec 7805 card in the start and had a few problems with it i.e speed ect, so I ended up changing to an LSI card, the system is super fast and very very stable, never had it crash on me once, I do regular backups Also one more thing, the intel SSD software to manage SSD drives does not work when using a raid system with SSD drives through a third party card, so to trim the drives i use a program called Tweak SSD, this seams to work quite well, Anyway if you want a super quick system, stable ect I dont see a problem with raiding SSD drives, my system has been fine for the last 12 months.


P.S I still have a few 6 TB back up drives that I store programs on ect, my main system does not have anything stored on it at all, it is just used for editing and that is all, photos, software, serials, documents, are all on external drives that i just turn on when needed.
Main system, Supermicro X8DAH+,Dual Xeon X5680 cpu's 24 cores,2x1400watt power supplys,SC747TG-R1400B-SQ Case,192GB 1333mhz ECC Registered ram,8 x 480GB Intel 520 SSD drives,Windows 7 64 bit ultimate, GTX 670 4GB ,2 x Sony BWU300S Blu-Ray burners, 1x Sony DVD burner,LSI 9266 Raid Controller with Cache vault & fast path Lic, ESI MayaE Audio,HD Spark,Blackmagic intensity Pro,TMPGenc 5,Episode Pro 6,Sorenson 9 Pro,Alcohol 120 V2, Edius 6.53,Dell 27"LCD,HD Spark, Powershield 3000VA UPS.

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