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Default ADVC-300 Instal with Windows 8


I have bought a secondhand ADVC-300 device which came with an original Canopus ADVC-300 Installation CD V1.0 which I have loaded onto a Windows 8 64 bit computer. On the computer it has installed itself in the folder - Program Files (x86)\Canopus\Picture Controller 300. The only files in the folder are PCtrl300.exe and a readme.txt file.

When I try to run the file PCtrl300, all I get is ‘ADVC-300 cannot be found. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but I get the same message.

I have tried opening the file with the ADVC-300 switch on (blue fast flashing light on Analog In) and connected to an anaolog Sony Hi8 CCD-TRV91E camera which is connect is on and connected via a and on. My computer is an Intel i7-2700CPU @ 3.40GH, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti – so it should be more than capable of dealing with the video capture. I am intending using Adobe Premiere Element 11 to carry out the editing.

I cannot see any new devices in Device Manager or any conflicts.

How do I get my ADVC to be recognised?

Also I have downloaded Picture Controller Utility for ADVC-300 but this appears only to be compatible with Windows XP/2000. Is there any utility compatible with Windows 8? If not what do I do?

Many thanks
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You don't need Picture Controller. The same adjustments can be made using the controls on the unit.

The fact that you're not seeing a new device in Device Manager is concerning though.
You should see an AV/C-compliant 1394 camera/deck or something similar.

Do you have another machine (preferrably not Windows 8) you can try the setup on?
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What is your IEEE1394 port?

Does Win 8 have the same IEEE 1394 driver version issue that Win 7 has?
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