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Default Help choosing the right format for sharing video for TV broadcasting


We are about to deliver HD (1920x1080) and UHD/4K (3840 x 2160) to a national TV program. The raw material consist of many hours of nature footage and we have been picking out the best sequences to keep by the use of Edius 9 (Rough Cut). The television producer will do the fine cut editing and will only use the best of our material, they have limited time and wan't us to pick out the best sequences by "rough cutting" without loss of quality.

Which format will be the best to share without loss of quality?
For exporting:
a) HD (1920x1080)
b) UHD/4K (3840 x 2160)

For a given format, what will be the best settings?

Best regards,
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Most TV stations have a technical delivery spec document in which often it states how you should deliver files for editing.
Also it very important to ask which editing system they are using.

If EDIUS you can go HQX
If other Prores or DnxHR /HD

At least a 10 bit project and 4:2:2 out 10bit

But it is best to contact the TV station. You also need to channel assignments and such.

Actually there is no such thing one best export. It is dependent on requirements , workflow and such.

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Most TV stations have a technical delivery spec document
I totally agree. After a lifetime of broadcast work I can tell you that each station has its own specification. So ask them what they need. In your case they are doing further work on your rough-cut. So whatever edit system they are using will determine the codec, frame-size, audio channels etc they would prefer to receive. Just ask them for a preferred spec. They will know. Whatever, for further editing you should send them the highest spec possible. Hopefully they might be using EDIUS, in which case HQX Superfine would be very good.
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Totally agree with Rick and Steve.
You do not supply a (proper as opposed local internet) TV station with what you fancy. Even the local station will have a basic spec.

Here is a link to ITV in the UK which you will see leaves nothing to interpretation.

Welcome to the excitement of the world of ITU-R BT.1702-1 2018, EBU R102 and EBU R128
Happy Days.

I would also add that very few TV stations in Europe use Edius and whenever I have to share files, as opposed to deliver final content, it is always in ProRes which like it or not is more or less an industry standard.

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