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Default Converting Edius files to Windows Media Format

We are recording 1080p video onto SSD drives using Apple Prores compression. We have been editing the video into clips for our customers. Most of our customers request that we convert the video clips to windows media format and store them on DVD's so that they can view them on their computers. The question I have is when we convert to windows media format and store on DVD's then does that process convert the video files to SD video?
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No, if it's a data file (WMV in HD) written to a DVD-R. At 4.7 GB, the disc won't hold much HD video.

If you are exporting your timeline to a DVD-Video (MPEG+AC3 or PCM), then it will be converted to SD video.

However, I can get a 250GB USB thumbdrive at Costco for $40, and clients are opting for those, instead of discs lately. I write their data files to both WMV and MPEG formats in HD, so they will have flexibility.


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