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Default SpursEngine processor plug in for web flash videos improves quality

Do you think there will be a plug in so this will be availbe to those with the spurs engine firecoder blu card ???

"Toshiba has developed a plug-in for Internet Explorer that will invoke the SpursEngine whenever Flash video is played through IE. When the cursor is brought over a web video window, like that on YouTube, a SpursEngine logo appears in the top, left corner. Clicking on the logo launches the video full screen with the SpursEngine processing engaged. It's possible to run the system with the left-hand half unprocessed and the right-hand half of the screen processed so a comparison can be made and the improvements seen.And there are definitely improvements.Edges are sharper, colours are a little richer and brightness and contrast are adjusted so that black areas of screen appear black and not grey.The Toshiba Qosmio's graphics system also creates new frames so that fast-moving video appears to flow more smoothly. This is something especially noticeable where a camera pans across a scene.In tests the processing was able to improve the look of both standard and high-quality YouTube video and worked best on videos that were relatively good to begin with, especially those shot with better quality cameras.Over several tests the common result was a better picture - almost as if a layer of something that had been making the video look slightly dull and fuzzy had been removed."

Found at:

- Regards Marty.
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