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Old 05-09-2012, 04:36 PM   #21
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Those random pop-ups really sound like the device is being detected, then later lost.
Which is usually indicative of either an intermittent connection or a lack of adequate power. Pretty much confirms the earlier diagnosis that the Firewire card is either bad, having a resource conflict, or need additional power.

Some cards have a 4-pin floppy style power connection on the card that can be connected directly to the power supply - sometimes they also have a jumper to choose between Internal and External power - if external power is connected, change it to External (all while the system is unplugged from power, of course).

It could also be some kind of intermittent short. Either way, probably better and faster to simply replace the card. :)
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Thanks, Brandon.

Will do and let you know what happens.

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