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Default Confused by ADVC110 model numbers!

I am definitely going to buy, but will have to mail order since there are no stores close by. I want to make sure I get the newest model available. All my on-line searches reveal 2 different model numbers:

ADVC110 A/D Converter 602029


ADVC110 A/D Converter 770-10150-105

Stock photo packaging is no help either...
I would appreciate some help, please educate me on which model number I should pursue. Thanks in advance for your help!
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These aren't model numbers, these are manufacturers part numbers.

And, though they do look wildly different, possibly indicating some radical new change in the device, nothing could be further from the truth. An ADVC-110 is an ADVC-110 is an ADVC-110. There is only one model. This goes the same for most of our products.

Though you may see up to 5 different part number for any of our devices or products from dozens of different online resellers, the simple fact remains that they are exactly the same device in every possible way. We did go to RHoS-compliant manufacturing standards in late 2006, and we are slowly transitioning to new Thomson-branded packaging, but these are the only things that have changed with the majority of our products since their inception and release.

For clarity sake, 602029 is a newer part number than 770-10150-105, but this really means very little--many resellers are still, to this day, using the older part numbers even though they are ordering the same devices under the new part numbers from us or our distributors.
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Thank you very much!
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