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Default Need a new laptop to run edius 9. Under 500.00

Also I have Edius 4.5 and can get a jump upgrade to 9 but since I'm getting a new laptop I don't know if that would work. Thanks in advance.
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For your price of 500 I would look at some second hand or used kit deals.

You need a 4 core i7 minimum and a solid state system drive and one with USB3 sockets.

Ideally you need a 17 inch screen but that will bust the budget straight away.

The higher the CPU speed the better for Edius.

You have to be extremely careful, ads often say 4 core CPU but if you look the CPU number up on the ARK (INTEL) site they are often 2 core 4 thread CPU's.

You also need a CPU ending in K which signifies on board graphics and it supports Intel QuickSync which Edius uses to accelerate playback.

This is the sort of gaming laptop you need

That i78550H CPU does support Intel QuickSync but is 939. I see you are in Florida - US Dollar land so you need to find a local used laptop supplier.

Ones to be avoided are ads with "core i7" in the description which are often 2 core CPU's as are CPU's ending with a U letter.

I hope that is some help

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Default Laptop type

This is not the good laptop

please look here
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