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Default ADVC 110 (61883 Class Bus Device) to FW problem


I connected ADVC 110 to IEEE1394 card (situated in my notebooks PCMCIA slot) 6-pin connection. ADVC gets power from an adaptor since this IEEE1394 card does not offer power. I have analog audio and video IN connected to ADVC 110, atempting to digitize some material from VCR.

The problem is - no video capture program can see the ADVC 110 connected. When i connect FireWire from ADVC 110 to the IEEE1394 card i see appearing in Device Manager brand new tree item named '61883 Device Class' , along its Properties it looks like this:

I have made all evening worth of research around forums and found similiar errors have been around with various kinds of aparature connected to Win XP SP2 or SP3. Also there are several ways to work around it for many devices.

Is there anybody who knows how to do it for ADVC 110?

Tested the same ADVC 110 on my friends PC (WIN XP SP2, FW BUS powered), everything works fine.

Thank you!

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The issue is that some of the Windows Firewire support components critical for AV/C devices to install and work properly have not been installed in Windows.

This could be caused by a corrupt Windows install, an overzealous nLite-ing of Windows, or most likely because of a flawed OEM manufacturer install of Windows.

It might work to install Service Pack 2 or 3 again, but it's not guaranteed.

If you have your Windows XP CD (not a disc that restores the system back to the factory-shipped state, as the factory-shipped state is broken), then you can try a Repair installation of Windows by booting off the disc and telling it to Repair the existing installation.

The other option is to contact support and see if they can lead you to the necessary files and instructions to get AV/C-compliant devices detected properly.
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Thanks for advices! I will try the reinstalling on SP2 and SP3, also the Repair of XP by install-disc. First i will go by a computerstore to check out if the same problem occures with other PCMCIA slot IEEE1394 cards available. Kind of a dream, but I will give it a try...

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