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Default ADVC700 Control issue

Hello all -

My brand-spanking-new ADVC700 is giving me control issues.

Here's my setup:

I run two Apple computers with Final Cut Pro (HD4.5 and FCP6) and have several Sony video tape recorders (DSR 20, 60, 80 and BetaSP).

I've tried several connections and adjusted the Canopus menu.
For some reason (and I'm sure it is probably a simple menu adjustment), when I try to "log and capture" video or edit to tape" in FCP, there is no VTR deck control.

FCP can "Capture Now" any video/audio, but I would have to manually start/stop the VTR...but that negates the whole purpose of having control to log clips then ingest them, via the RS422.

Also, the timecode readout on the Canopus and FCP just keeps ticking away, even when the videotape has stopped.

On the Canopus display menu, when I enable the 9p remote, a red status light comes on, which, according to their manual, says that there is a problem (no kidding!).
When I switch to "disable" on the menu, the red light turns off.

Here's my setup chain:
Canopus out >
DV1 (6-pin FireWire) out to Apple FW port
RS422A (remote control) out to video tape recorder (VTR) RS422A in
S-video out to VTR S-video in (also tried BNC)
RCA (unbalanced) audio out to VTR audio in (also tried balanced/XLR)

Any suggestions?

Oh, one last thing - I failed to find information in the manual on the power up/off procedure.
What is the best way?
Computer first, then Canopus then VTR?
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