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Default Free Upgrade to Version 6

Hi all
Just wondering what time frame to expect to get a response for the free upgrade to version 6. I purchased the Firecoder Blu packaged with Edius 5 from an outlet online (USA) and have attempted to request the free upgrade. Firstly by fax to the NA Green Valley which in all credit to them I got a response. Unfortunately it appears that although the purchase was from an American store, they are unable to ship outside their territory - I reside in New Zealand.
I then faxed the Asia Green Valley which I gather should cover my region and followed with an email with all the relevant documentation but no response or even acknowledgement of my request after a week.
My purchase was shipped on the 30 November and has arrived.
Hopefully this posting may rattle a response or least some feedback as to where to go from here. I gather the free upgrade is only available to purchases from 1 September to 30 November and the request must be before 30 December, 2010.
Looking forward to a response
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Try the Australia sales office?
Grass Valley Sales Offices
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Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
Try the Australia sales office?
Grass Valley Sales Offices
We take down serial numbers here in Australia so we don't end up supporting people who don't support their own country. I think the other person needs to follow through with the place of purchase and pay the freight.
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