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I have been shooting HDV Son z1 for two years now and using Edius 4.x.

My end product is a SD 4X3 and 16x9 DVD.

Here is my work flow and it gives stunning results in SD.

1. Capture HDV
2. Edit in HD 16x9 save for future use.
3. Change settings to 16X9 SD save encode with PE
4. Change settings to 4x3 SD double click all titles and save encode with PE

I have had outstanding SD DVD results.

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Hi Ronnie

You say you are using version 4.x - please could you tell me what the x is? I'm using 4.52 and there is still a very annoying bug whereby if you switch between D1 and DV or vice versa then you lose a lot of sharpness. I wonder if this is happening HD to SD? - it certainly sounds like it!

I hate to whinge as I love Edius, but the loss of sharpness issue is seriuosly really screwing up my workflow and I would LOVE to see this issue resolved promptly.
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Old 11-12-2007, 09:32 AM   #23
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D1 to DV also? Not tried that.

So for the Sony that's 1080 50i (HDV) to SD 576i what? D1 or DV preset?
Other words: Are you using hardware (D1 or DV) or choosing an OHCI project preset (DV)

Andrew has a point, if you use hardware then you might be switching top to bottom fields or not.

Just the change from 1080i to D1 shows degradation on my monitors.

Ronnie - what wrapper and codec are you using in Procoder Express?

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