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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
I don't have the Mini but I am sure it does

one of the forum users BernH just bought one
I am using the MX02 mini with Edius 9, but Edius 7 and Edius 8 should also work with it, since they were on on the approved 3rd party hardware lists starting with Edius 7.
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TBC covers a lot of territory and the term is often used to mean similar but different items. Generally (and simply) speaking there are two flavors; a line TBC, often included in the high end VCRs, that restores the scan line sync pulses and ensure correct timing for each scan line, and a frame TBC, usually external, that ensure correct frame timing and a stable signal for the capture card. Analog video tapes often (but not always) need both. The analog video mixers, such as the Videonics MX series, if you have one on a shelf somewhere, can be used to provide frame TBC functionality. Some TBCs also included proc amp functionality. And there is wide variation in quality among the available products, including within the same model over time and internal chip sets and QC changed over time.

TV sets were very forgiving of video signal timing errors, but many capture cards, including the Intensity Pro are not very forgiving and often have difficulty capturing poor video signals. The TBCs can address this.

Most consumer VCRs provide a poor source for video capture. Among the best were the high end JVC S-VHS models (e.g., HR-S9600 and its close kin) and the Panasonic AG-1980s, if you can find working models. The auction sites (e.g., ebay) are notorious for offering machines in need of significant maintenance/repair.

Old VCRs themselves suffer from a wide range of issues ranging from clogged/dirty/worn heads, to misaligned tape paths, to failed capacitors, to deteriorated plastic and rubber parts such as belts and gears.
is a web board devoted largely to capture and restoration of analog video recordings, especially VHS. It has a lot of information on methods, software, and equipment for DIY video capture and restoration. Just keep in mind that the concept of "good enough" is somewhat of an anathema to many of the participants. It is worth a browse if interested in restoration of old analog video tapes, even if portions may be overkill for your "good enough" purposes.
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Ron Evans
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I haven't transferred tape for a while but the last time was over a year ago and I used my JVC S-VHS( HR-S7800 ), to a DPS TBC then into my Sony GV-HD700 HDV deck pass thru ( just does an encode and not record ) then to the PC motherboard 1394 connector and captured with Vegas ( should be the same to EDIUS ). S-VHS connection between JVC and DPS and to the GV-HD700. They all do a little bit of cleanup that most of the time for a non professional encode has worked fine for my old tapes. My early projects were all finalized to S-VHS so are in better shape than VHS. That transfer I did was on a 20 year old Maxell Pro tape !!! Original had been recorded on a SONY SLV-R5U. The S-VHS seems to have aged better than the Hi8 tapes that were my camera tapes of that time.
Ron Evans

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