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Default EDIUS FREEZING on playback

Hello Guys

My problem is: Playback from the timeline on my laptop to my DV5000 camera would sometimes stop and EDIUS freezes. ( Edius not responding ). Not sure why this is happening.
Any ideas?

I am running EDIUS 4.54 on Laptop : Clevo M560RU. Cpu 2.40Ghz. Mem 2gig, HD 160 gig 7200rpm, Video card Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX
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Is there any power saving feature kicking in?
(this has been a problem for some people)

2 Virusscan and Firewall turned off?

3 Is the disk fragmented?

4 have you pre rendered or shift+q any areas which will not play real time (redbar over heavy effects area ect.)

5 try this
put an in at the beginning of timeline /out at the end
press shft+q
export to your cam and see if all goes smooth.

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