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Default Quick Sync 4K export don't work with i7-3770 & Z77 combination

So like topic title said I have these hardware combination:
CPU_Core i7-3770 (Ivy Bridge, 3rd generation)...(connected monitor via VGA out on onboard GPU)
MB_ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
GPU_NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 (connected monitor via DVI out)
RAM_16GB (2 x 8GB Kingston DDR3, 1600MHz...)
Windows 10 pro.64
Edius Pro 8

In Edius 8 all details about 1080p projects work fine...including Quick Sync export.
On 4K projects Quick Sync export don't work.
Export time is the same with ticked or unticked "use hardware encoder" checkbox.
4K timeline preview works I think OK with buffer 250/250 when clip there has no any filters.

Also I noticed that my onboard HDMI and DVI out don't work, VGA out is OK and connected.
First I was thinking there was some problem with my CPU/setting/drivers than I searched more and found these 5 years old (still ongoing) frustrating debate on Intel forum about that widespread problem.
That forum debate show that Win7 & Win10 have same problem on many different platforms.
Intel obviously didn't solve that problem correctly and users on forum are very frustrating and angry about that.
Most people like to use e.g. laptop HDMI out for watching video on big TV screens, but they can't.
Passing time and new CPU generations "solve" that problem.
I think maybe that my Quick Sync 4K export problem has something with that(?)

Also few days ago I found this:
Tip: For optimal editing in EDIUS 8 we recommend Quad-core processors with HT (HyperThreading) and a high range of GHz. Processors from the 4th generation onwards are also recommended for editing 4K/UHD (4096x20160 oder 3840x2160) material. Processors of the 2nd and 3rd generation only support maximum Full HD (1920x1080) material.
Probably Edius developers can't handle that specific problem when Intel itself can' case that was really related to HDMI/DVI non working outputs(?)

I think that I searched all available topis here about similar problems but didn't find solution...maybe I missed something(?)
Also I tried, I think, all Win10 & Win7 available drivers :o) for Intel HD Graphics 4000 with no luck.
It's also interesting that ASRock as MB manufacturer don't offer any onboard Intel GPU driver for this board on Win10, only Win7.

Motherboard UEFI system browser for internal GPU don't detect HDMI or DVI connections when they really connected.
VGA out detect always.
That details and all others mentioned tells me that problem is somewhere deep inside Intel hardware(?)

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You answered your own question regarding quicksync with that forum quote you posted. 2nd and 3rd gen cpu's, as in your 3rd gen 3770, only support up to HD for quicksync.

As to you not being able to use the use the hdmi or dvi, that could be a bios setting in the motherboard if you have to specify which output to use there, or it could be an intel gpu driver version problem, downloadable from the intel website. If you do try to update the driver, make sure it is one that is compatible with Edius or else your quicksync up the HD resolutions will not work. There are several posts on the forum regarding driver versions that work or don't work.
Edius WG 9.50.5351, various 3rd party plugins, VisTitle 2.8, Win 7 Ultimate SP1, i7-4790K @ 4GHz with HD4600 GPU embedded, MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard, 32GB Kingston HyperX RAM, nVidia GTX680 4GB GPU, Matrox MX02 Mini MAX, Corsair 750W PSU, Corsair H110i GT Water Cooler, Corsair C70 case, 4TB Internal RAID 0/stripe (2x2TB Seagate SATAIII HDD's, Win7 Software RAID 0/stripe), 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD, Pioneer BDR-207D, Dual 1920x1080 monitors (one on GTX680 and one on Intel HD4600).
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