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Ron Evans
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The AX53 will only shoot UHD at 24, 25 or 30fps depending on region. You will find it easier if you create a new preset specifically for the AX53 UHD. You can use the 4K preset and modify parameters before you start as an alternate. When you start a new project with one of the presets you will see a customize box in the lower left. If checked this box and click OK the project properties panel will open and you can set the parameters you want for the project including the resolution, frame rates etc. One can create a new preset under settings> application>project presets and name " AX53 UHD 25P " for instance, that would make it easier in the future.

I am still using EDIUS 8.53 but assume the project preset creation is the same.
Ron Evans

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Originally Posted by Swisspete View Post
Bern, I'm the one confused and apologise for my lack of knowledge in the matter.

When importing to Edius I clicked on the 4K icon in the project presets assuming the parameters were the right ones to use as it was the only 4K icon in the list.

The current project settings are 4096x2160 / 50pfs. Thanks for the link to Anton's website for the correct workflow. I'll try that at the next stage.

I've downloaded HandBrake and it managed to convert the avi file to mp4. MediaPlayer and VLC had no trouble with it.
I have used Wondershare to convert HQX to mp4 successfully in the past but not at those project settings. If HandBrake can do it then that's also fine with me.

From the screenshot from MediaInfo of a clip from the camera, you will also see that the parameters are 3840x2160 / 23.98 fps.

I am obviously short on knowledge of how to use EDIUS efficiently and any suggestion of training programmes / sites would be appreciated.
No problem. We all have to start somewhere and learn what we are doing.

For best quality in Edius, the rule of thumb is to make the project settings match the footage from your camera. In your case that is UHD 3840x2160@23.98fps (the one you picked is for full 4K/50p, not the same as your UHD camera). If you have mixed framerates, make it match your primary camera, which would normally be the one that is used the most.

You can also create a preset for this project setting that will show in your preset list. There are a couple of relatively important project settings that many new users skip over though, so if you are changing the settings or making a new preset, here they are:

1. set the audio channels in the project to 2, not the default 8 unless you are trying to do 7.1 audio or have to export 8 discrete channels for a broadcaster. The setting of 2 means stereo output. This does not limit the number of audio tracks in your timeline.

2. set the overscan to 0%. The default for this setting is a holdover from the days of CRT televisions, when the edges of the screen were masked by the bezel, and keeps effects from being applied on the edge of the screen. Modern LCD TV's have a much smaller mask or no mask at all, so setting this to 0% matches the visible area on a modern TV or a computer screen.

3. set the resizing to one of the appropriate Lanczos methods. This will improve the scaling of your video if it does not match your project size. The options have changed a bit from version to version, but generally the higher the Lanczos version the better.

If you go through those posts on Anton's website, you will pick up a lot of tips and tricks on getting the most out of Edius and David Clarke sells some good training materials as well.

There are also a lot youtube tutorials online.
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