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Default Correct connection order

Just purchased ADVC 55. Could someone please advise on the correct order to connect up Camera to ADVC 55:ADVC 55 to Imac, together with powering up sequence, so as to avoid possible surge.
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TTP Productions
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I use the ADVC-300, but I would assume that the -55 would be quite similar, however usually when I need to switch cables I turn the -300 off and then disconnect/connect the different wires.
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To avoid potential voltage spikes, plug and unplug the ADVC with all devices powered off.

As much as possible you should try to connect all connected equipment (regardless of the type of connection - any connecting cable - powered or not) to the same power strip.

The core issue is that Ground is not necessarily the same for each device. Thus, when you connect two devices, there is a difference in potential between the two Grounds and thus a voltage spike occurs.
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