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I put an Nvidia Quadro K2000 video card to the system, the performance is much better. I choose this card because it can handle 2 monitors at 3840x2160@60hz resolution.

There were stuttering during playback with 2 monitors with the integrated video card (intel graphics hd 630).

With one monitor at 1920x1080 resolution the system performance is the following during play 8 fullhd streams in multicam mode:

CPU 60%
MEM 38%
GPU 32%

with 11 streams
CPU 75%
MEM 41%
GPU 32%

At 3840x2160 system resolution (but the Edius project is still in 1080 50i)
CPU 60%
MEM 39%
GPU 39%

with 11 streams
CPU 80%
MEM 42%
GPU 40%

With 2 monitors
1.: 3840x2160: multicam and pgm windows
2.: 1920x1200: timeline window

CPU 61%
MEM 38%
GPU 37%

with 11 streams
CPU 78%
MEM 42%
GPU 37%

There is no stuttering at any settings described above. This performance growing is surprised me, although I thought that the integrated video card is weak to this work. The Nvidia card leaves more resources at the CPU, because with one monitor and 8 streams, the cpu usage is 60%, against with the inegrated video card usage, when the cpu usage is 80%.

Working with 8-11 streams with this video card and system is great and satisfying :)

Thanks all of You for the help.
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The larger your desktop area is, the more resources required by the GPU and CPU to draw the desktop and track and process any activity on it. Since you say you were running dual monitors at 1920x1080 and 384x2160, I can see this being an issue on resources, being that the Intel GPU is in the CPU chip. I would never run dual monitors off of an Intel GPU if I need performance.

however, I would recommend running one monitor off of the nVidia, and one off off the Intel. This way you can keep your quicksync activated and avail of the accelerated decode/encode for H264
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